Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Likes & dislikes

On this post its about our likes & dislikes.

-Scott likes: cheese, drawing, red, daughtry,transformers 2, basketball, spyro, milk, ford taurus '11, swimming, speeders, 8, ovie :( & mushroom soup, red robin, Price is right, Wheel of fortune,
-Amanda likes: cheese, orange juice, yellow, chris brown, forrest gump, remember the titans, wii fit, chevy impala, walking, top chef, huge, 24, 58, 19, kris letang & matt cooke, pasta & taco bell & JASPER

~Scott dislikes: BILLY MAYES, hot sauce, tomatoes, celery, jonah hex (movie), red peppers, babies, dogs, spinach, fears that his video game will be lost because of laura.
~Amanda dislikes: heights, spicy food (sorry griffin i know thats why we cant get married), stupid drivers who don't go the speed limit or not move at a light, when people don't finish the end of stories, people who think there still in high school when there not & DRAMA.

Scott has been playing spyro all day except when Price is Right was on.
I had physical therapy they told me two weeks until i can get back on the ice & 6 weeks till i can be skating with full gear , then english class & now work.

scott playing his video game. 

Scotts Quote of the day: "HEY that's mine!"
Laura's Quote of the day: "So what its raining. Rain is like a shower without shampoo."

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott :)

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