Friday, August 27, 2010

this will make you laugh....

So my mom told my brother that when he gets his shoes he will get the dog he saw on
When we got the box with his shoes in it
he asked me "Where's the dog?"
I had to tell him that mom was kidding with you and there was no dog coming.
He tried on his shoes & said they fit.

Next is that my brother got to shave.
Unfortunately he cut himself on his neck.
As Scott does he puts a bandage on where it was bleeding.
I didn't get to see it. :(

When I had to leave for school again I screamed. "BYE SCOTT!"
my favorite response is "BYE AMANDA HAVE A GOOD DAY!!"
It always puts a smile on my face.
He will sometimes even give me the speech my mom does before I leave with the car.
"Don't text. Text me when you get there & Drive safely."

Yesterday, while I was at school my family picked up Coach Wally's Motorcycle.
Coach Randy is going to ride it durning the NOVA Cool Cats 6th Annual Biker Run.
Wow I can't believe we're in our 6th year of this.
We have an amazing, beautiful tour around Loudoun County.
The whole trip is made by Pete Peterson.
Without Pete we wouldn't know what to do. Thanks Pete.

Scott's Quote of the day: "HI MOM!"

Peace & Love,
Amanda & Scott.

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