Sunday, August 15, 2010

i wish i could see what they're thinking...

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of an autistic person?

I do. I wonder what they think & what goes on.

In my family Sunday's are Cool Cat days.
The Cool Cats is a special hockey team my dad started in 2004. We never miss a practice or event. It has helped so many kids in many ways.

During the summer my dad has what he like to call Boot Camp. To get the kids better at skating and technique.
It is four Sundays out of the summer.

My brother came up to my mom & asked her if he needed to wear his boots to boot camp.
We explained to him that it's on ice skating drill and he didn't need to wear his boots.

From the cool cats i have learned so much about autistic kids.
how to handle them, what i should say, what NOT to say.

I have seen the way kids have grown because of what my family & I are doing.
From kids who scream NO HOCKEY and once they step on the ice they play like they weren't just screaming NO HOCKEY.
i learn from these kids every time i see them
from the 105th digit of pi to having a kid who never speaks to me finally says hi.

this is what i do.

i <3 the cool cats.

peace & love
amanda & scott :)

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