Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do you have a sibling with autism?

When i was little my parents told me that my younger brother, Scott, had Autism.
Autism? What's that?

Autism is...
-more common in boys than in girls
-limited social skills
-can't make a conversation or even talk.

i could go on and on about what autism is.

As i got older I thought i was the only one who had a sibling that had autism. That nobody understands me. That my parents loved & spent more time than him than my sister & I.
Don't worry everyone goes through that phase.

My mom took my sister and I to a group meeting where we had to speak in front of people about situations that happens with autistic siblings. The other kids asked us questions like what can we do with them? What is it like?
I'm glad my mom did that.
I got to talk to other kids about what it's like and it felt good that i wasn't the only one who had a brother or sister with Autism.
They showed us a video of other kids around the United States who thought the same way.


Piece of advice:
-Your parents love you and your siblings equally even though sometimes you might not think so. they do trust me.
-Don't get frustrated with your sibling when you're teaching them something. Be patient.

peace & love
Amanda :)

feel free to ask any question. I'm here to answer them.

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