Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Summertime!

Scott's team (the Rangers) went to states and won 4th place! We are so proud of the team and the accomplishments they've had this season. It's been another successful season. They have a couple more games to play including the 5th annual Lance Gearing "Lanceapalooza" game in two weeks.

4th place at States.

Scott finished school for the year so now he loves to be in his Pj's all day and watch the Price is Right at 11. One day we washed and cleaned all the cars. I did spray Scott with the hose just for fun. I think Scott is ready for his summer vacation and starting his very first job. 

Today Scott and his friend Mrs. Laura went to hang out. They went to Scott's favorite place. The Pool! He loved it and said there were a lot of people there. The water was warm and nobody else (in our family was allowed to go) beside him, Mrs. Laura, Jason and Kevin were allowed to go. Next month they are going to Wendy's like they do every year. He loves to sit in a Honda Pilot but he told her if he is going to ride in it again she needed to get her windows washed. 

Now Scott is meeting our buddy Tim who is fixing the AC. He went up to him and said Hi how are you and the told him his name. Scott is becoming more social with meeting other people and we couldn't be any prouder of him. 

We look forward to the rest of our summer. Look out for more post about our Summer time. :) We hope everyone has a fun summer. 

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