Saturday, August 20, 2011

What i'm going to miss the most.

It's only 5 days until I move into my new home.
As Scott would say, "MOM! I not move to PA. I stay in Virginia with Laura."
Two things I'm going to miss about my home.
Scott burning popcorn (okay maybe not so much) and
hearing Scott in the other room scream TWO OUTS! when he's playing Mario SuperSlugers on the wii.

I really don't know how we both will react when I leave, but we will probably see each other for my birthday/ first hockey tournament of the season.

As I said on facebook I will be putting up your Autism stories.
The story that everyone has & the ones that we look back on and laugh.

My personal favorite from Scott was when he was mowing the lawn he asked my mom if she could move the tree so he could finish. 

From Mrs. Wolf:
  • Chris: "Santa Closet" (Santa Claus),
  • "My brain is frozen!" (brain freeze), 
  • "I want a tea kettle, Mom, just (handing me the laptop) type in w-w-w-dot-teakettle-dot-com!", 
  • "Just go to the bank and they can give you MORE money!" (during a budgetary shortfall), 
  • (after telling me he was running away to Florida, left the house, then came back 5 minutes later and knocked on the door) "I'm back!" "Yes, I went to Florida" "The hotel told me I had to have a major credit card!".
From Mrs. Williar:
         My husband got a text from his ex, who he shares a brilliant and beautiful son who is non-verbal and is on the spectrum. The text was the weather forecast for the next day and it was from his son :) 1st time ever..he got a text from him. Priceless!! We love our favorite little weatherman :)

From Mrs. Callihan:  
          Robert staring at a box of cheerios on top of fridge- "Cheerios come down please!!!" To which his Grammy replied" Let me know how that works for you!!"
          While out to eat at a restaurant with my friend and Robert, he has this thing about checking the bill to see if his order was listed first. Robert "Sprite, chicken, french fries....where's the ketchup?" To which my friend replies "Robert that's a condiment you don't pay for condiments!" Robert -"Ohh! Asia, Africa, North America, South America....." Turns out he was studying the continents in social studies!! Boy did we ever crack up! The whole restaurant was staring!!!!

One of my favorite stories to tell about when the Cool Cats started was about Robert. This is basically the only memory about us starting. 
    I was sitting in the locker room getting ready for Cool Cats and Robert had come into the locker room. I had said hi to him but he didn't say anything back & he looked mad at something. Then Mrs. Callihan opened the door with a big huge smile on her face saying hi to everyone. She put the bag down & started to get Robert ready to hit the ice. Well that wasn't what Robert wanted to do. He started having crying saying he hated hockey & he didn't want to be there. I got on the ice & a couple minutes later Robert had come out onto the ice. He skated his hardest & we had to push him off the ice because he wouldn't get off. To this day I do not know how Mrs. Callihan got Robert on the ice but I'm glad she did.  

I'm going to miss these moments espally with the Cool Cats. Every practice we have a new thing happen. One day I will make a book about all these stories. 

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott. 

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  1. You made me LOL talking about burning the popcorn. To THIS day, Chris is afraid of making microwave popcorn because of the time the Ice Dogs burned theirs in our hotel in Chicago, setting off the fire alarm, and we had to evacuate in our pajamas in the middle of the night when it was just 8 degrees outside. We didn't find out until the next day that it was our buddies on our floor who accidentally set off the alarm. Chris was terrified that the hotel might actually have been on fire.