Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is why were family.

Hey guys.

So the high schoolers in this house & my mom have one more day of school & then a week off. I would have had that except for my 1 pm english class on monday. :(

but we have some funny things Scott has said over the past couple of days:
-Scott's newest question: "Mom do animals have waists??" My mom said you have a waist and your pants need to be above your waist so your underwear doesn't show.
-Laura and my mom were talking to Scott about his gourmet foods class today.They made apple pie and we asked if he ate it. Scott said "Yes I ate the RECIPE".
-Scott's class is having their annual Thanksgiving feast at school. Scott's teacher told me that Scott signed me up for the TURKEY!! Then she said to him that I can make the stuffing instead.
-My mom had to explain what passing gas was to Scott. He did it and then said that he BURPED!!! I didn't want to use the fart word so I said that he was passing gas.

-Laura came home from going to Dick's for indoor soccer shoes and told me that Scott hugged the manager so I asked Scott if he knew that person. She just looked at me and laughed. I thought she said manager but she said MANNEQUIN!! 


Things my mom has to explain!!!

there will be more. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
Travel Safe. 

peace & love,
Amanda & Scott :)

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