Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool Cats.

Hey guys.
We always love hearing positive feedback from you guys. :) keep them comin'

Hockey is our life around here (even if my sister does play soccer)
I love seeing the kids out on the ice every week.
No matter what my mood is I always look forward to seeing the kids.
From Bowen saying 104 digits of Pi to giving someone a high five when they scored.
I will admit its been a little hard sitting on the bench & not being physically on the ice with them but I will say that next practice I will be on for a little bit. :)
I feel like one of the players.... last week we didn't have practice & I had no idea what to do. (parents your probably saying "well you coulda did your homework." i know i know.)
When I go off to college I really don't know what im going to do without you guys.
being there when someone starts crying because they didn't get the puck or saying MAC & CHEESE to Emma.
Imma be skyping or oovoo-ing someone durning practice so I can see it. or face-time if you have a iphone. :)

well thats all for now.

peace & love,
amanda & scott. :)

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